Quick Facts

Location: Germany

Capital: Berlin

Main Languages: German

Major Cities: Munich, Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, Duisburg, Essen


Germany’s climate is moderate and has generally no longer periods of cold or hot weather. Most areas on the country’s North Sea coast have midwinter temperatures about 1.5°C or even higher.


GDP: $3.980 trillion


Euro  (€) (EUR)


Germany is a democratic, federal parliamentary republic, and federal legislative power is vested in the Bundestag (the parliament of Germany) and the Bundesrat (the representative body of the Länder, Germany’s regional states).

There is a multi-party system that, since 1949, has been dominated by the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD). The judiciary of Germany is independent of the executive and the legislature.

Area: 357,168 km2

Distance from India: 7.5 hours approx.

Population: 82.67 million (2016)

Time Zone: CET (UTC+1)

Why study in Germany

There are so many reasons when you are approaching to get your student visa for Germany and those are,


  • Where most of the other countries charge tuition fee for graduation German universities charges nothing for your graduation course.
  • If the student is not comfortable in German language, he or she can proceed with English.
  • In Germany there is a high prospect of engineering and technology services. So those students, who are graduating from these colleges, will get to get good jobs in German companies.
  • The Germans believe in practical ability rather than theoretical education. That’s too high demand for students who can be a master in both.
  • Studying in this place will ensure that you will be increased with the good European economical prospect as well as a good cultural prospect.
  • Lastly, there is a high chance of starting a very good career in Germany as they hire a lot of young professionals in various fields.

Living in Germany

The German tradition is rich and elegant that attracts most of the students from other countries. As a Christian country they have most of the populations who are Christian and among other European countries Germany stands for its magnanimity.Another thing that attracts most of the students to get their study visa for Germany is the good food with rich spices and beer which is there National alcoholic beverage. You will get various kinds of dishes in different parts of Germany but most of it is really likeable.

The government is very careful about the student safety and security. So you will not get any kind of threats from anywhere being in a foreign country. You will also get help from any kind of social or economic porpoises from the government as their welfare programs are quite student friendly. This makes most of the students to get drawn towards hiring Germany student visa consultants. Adding to that you need to be assured about the fact that the transportation system in Germany is quite transparent and you will get a lot of options to reach your University campus. The modes of transportation said quite affordable and safe for students.

Money Matters

As previously mentioned, Germany is famous for providing free tuition fee for undergraduate students. That’s why most of the students get the Germany student visa done for getting quality education in a free cost. But there are some universities that charge tuition fee for freshman year which is around €15,000 to €20,000.

VISA Process

To get a visa for Germany you will be requiring a valid Visa and the confirmation notice from your University where you have applied for your course. All the information that you would require while applying for the visa will be provided by the Germany study visa consultants. You are also required to submit all the necessary documents regarding your previous educational qualification and the future documents of University. You will also need to submit the residential evidences, though the dependent information is not allowed for student visa.

Arrival and Accommodation

None of the universities in Germany provide hostel facilities on dormitories for the students. Rather they have direct contact with most of the housing apartments to accommodate the students who are coming from other countries. In this way the students and get their privacy. There are some restrictions do when you are going to Germany from other countries. You cannot carry certain types of plants and meat products of your choice in there. A good thing about Germany is that you can open your bank account after providing the required documents of University course and residence.

Employment prospect

When you are studying you can always work as a part timer. But after graduating, you will be employed in various engineering, agriculture, tourism, hospitality and retail sectors. Various German companies appoint University educated students.